Breaking news – A Star Journalist Scared of Me?%@!

I woke up this morning to great news on my Twitter timeline. No, its not about the Rafales landing in Ambala. It is also not about the 700 pages long New Education Policy.

No, I also don’t have a personal invitation from Mr. Modi for THE celebration of this century on Aug 5th. Jai Shri Ram.

The breaking news that I woke up to was – The great Sar-(De)-Sai or Rajdeep Sardesai, the much slapped, fake news peddling, anti-Modi, Congi sycophant, star journalist has blocked me on Twitter!

I laughed so hard that Bindu got worried :):). I, a common citizen with no fame, managed to rattle a well-known journalist enough for him to block me. Hilarious. I presume that this blocking was because I forwarded a long thread about Sir-De-Sai. The thread was about his misdeeds and misadventures over the last two decades starting with NDTV (Nehru Dynasty TV).

Do read the brilliant thread by Sandeep Balakrishna – Rajdeep Sardesai.

Posting the entire thread here.

Those here from the old days will remember the kind of “debates” Rajdeep used to run on his dog-and-pony shows first on NDTV and then in his own kirana shop, CNN-IBN for more than a decade.

Before we proceed, we need to remember how naive the Vajpayee govt was. But for NDA 1.0 which opened up private players in TV news, crooks & fixers like Prannoy, Barkha, Rajdeep, et al would be unable to inflict the irreparable damage they’ve done on public discourse

The script on these dog-and-pony shows were obviously rigged with the same theme. As long as Vajpayee govt was in power, the relentless and vicious hounding these media houses did is unbelievable. The idea was to somehow bring down the govt at any cost.

2002 was the goldmine. Whatever Rajdeep’s internal differences at NDTV, 2002 was the enormous cash cow ready to be milked almost endlessly. It perhaps gave him confidence to start his own kirana shop. Even till the mid-2013, Rajdeep kept ranting about Modi & 2002.

After $onia became the unquestioned dictator, Rajdeep truly had a field day. He would invite leaders of L.K. Advani’s stature and stopped short of abusing him. The kind of open contempt he showed for Advani is unbelievable. Check the archives if they exist.

Guess who was a regular “intellectual” and “fearless crusader for justice” on Rajdeep’s channel in those days? Teesta Setalvad.

But his reportage on the Gujarat riots was at a completely different level. It was as though his channel *wanted* people to kill each other so that the BJP could be blamed. That opens up another chapter.

You see, when the Gujarat riots began, the entire secular gang thought that through their blackmailing and pressure tactics, Narendra Modi, a newbie, would be dismissed by the central leadership. It didn’t happen. That was the beginning of systematically targetting him.

Anyway, a 1000-page book can be written about the kind of appalling crap that Rajdeep alone has done during this period. His most degenerate moment was his dalali role in the 2008 cash for votes scandal. And this guy still continues to preach media ethics with a straight face.

There’s a reason only Rajdeep was publicly heckled in New York. The public’s fury against him was real. You can’t do the crap he did for a decade & act as if nothing happened.

Anywhere else, his career would have gone to dogs and he’d either be in jail or bankrupt or both. Lucky for him, he’s got an equally corrupt ecosystem that protects him.

It was Rajdeep who coined that infamous term “tyranny of distance” as an excuse to NOT cover the Kokrajahar jihad against Hindus in Assam. Of course, “tyranny of distance” was the coded message to his fav party that, “Madam, we are always at your service.”

Not ONCE in his entire stint at CNN-IBN did Rajdeep even mildly criticise $onia. On the contrary, even if opposition members on his circus show were critical of her, he’d say, “no wild allegations against the Gandhis please!” And cut them off. THIS is journalism?

Remember Siddharth Gautam, Rajdeep? Your former reporter at CNN-IBN? Care to tell us why he resigned? Perhaps this screenshot might help. 

Full story is here:

Chalo, enough for today. Lots of stories in the archives. 🙂

I am not a Twitter star or a social media celebrity. I just track news, read a lot and reply occasionally, bookmarking and retweeting the tweets that I like. Nothing more than that.

Although most of us are aware about the (terrible) work that the great Sir-(De-Sai) and his wife do as media personalities, its important that the truth about their “real” agenda reaches a wider audience. For long our country has been held hostage culturally and the truth hidden behind big words like “secularism”, “democracy” “freedom of expression” etc.

I keep telling our friends that as common citizens, we have a right to like, dislike, love or hate anyone. That is our choice. But as a journalist and a news reporter you have a responsibility. You cannot take sides, or further an agenda. Journalism is about bringing facts and reporting news, events as they happen with no personal opinion or twist being added. Its for the viewers to make deductions and form their opinions. Mr. Sir-(de-Sai), his wife, friends and some media personalities like him have over the years built a narrative to fit His Masters’ Voice.

Its unfortunate that the narrative built by these people has been essentially anti-India and anti-Hindu. It has been convenient for centuries to belittle our country and Hinduism while enjoying all the benefits that is on offer. Well, no more. Enough is enough.

In conclusion – Sir-(De-Sai), it’s a privilege and a honour to be blocked by you. It only means that I am doing something right.

Note – Sir-De-Sai is the way Bindu writes Rajdeep’s surname. Its her way of appealing to “Sai” to give some “brains” to Rajdeep. Sir-De-Sai. 🙂

Please watch this fun video on Mr. Sar-(De-Sai) –

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