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These are difficult times. Uncertain times too, with no clear end in sight. There is so much of churn, all around us. Many executives have had to take salary cuts and many others have lost their jobs. Everyone is thinking of how to get that job and soon.

With business/economic activity on being low, there are not many regular jobs on offer. On platforms like LinkedIn, Quora and even WhatsApp, people have started reaching out to complete strangers job opportunities. We have received a few emails seeking opportunities at ShikshaDaan.

The challenge is, with so many people out there looking for a job, how do you stand out?

ResumeLab surveyed over 1,000 people’s resume and LinkedIn posts to see what worked best for them while trying to find work. 

The survey was done this past spring, and the majority of respondents (66 percent) were actively job hunting. For most, this of course meant that they had updated their resumes (54.3 percent). 

Some Findings, excerpts from the article –

  1. Those who reported the most success in getting offers said they had hired a professional resume writer;
  2. The 19.5 percent who said they had done so received 3.3 offers on average.
  3. Candidates who included data in the form of charts, graphs, or diagrams received about 3.2 offers.

How do we improve the chances of our resume being seen by a recruiter? What do we highlight about our work? How do we explain our exit? I am sure that all of us have some of these questions. The article below gives some answers and hacks that you can try.

Employing Some Resume Tricks Can Help Land You a New Job.

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