Covid19 consumes Cirque du Soleil

A few days back Krishnan came across this article – Cirque du Soleil files for bankruptcy. I was heart broken. Then I got this email from them and felt a little better –

I certainly hope that Cirque du Soleil bounces back from the bankruptcy soon. Wish the Canada Government helps them in some way. Any of the big Hollywood studios can also help by either making a movie with them or by creating a TV series of their shows. The world will take a while to recover from Covid19 but Cirque du Soleil cannot be allowed to go under !

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2 thoughts on “Covid19 consumes Cirque du Soleil”

  1. I have watched Quidam and Allegria and can’t put to words how much I enjoyed the shows.. I had grand plans of taking the girls for one of their performances


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