House gone, Right under Grandma’s Nose !!

We Indians love anything associated with the Gandhi name … after all the Mahatma got us freedom from the British. Whether by chance or through brilliant calculation, the first PM, Nehru’s only child Indira managed to marry someone named Feroze Ghandy who conveniently changed his last name to “Gandhi”. Independent democratic India’s first dynasty was born. The distinguishing factor being the “nose”. From father to daughter to grandsons to great grand-daughter all have the same long hawkish nose.

Today news channels were screaming about Priyanka Vadra (Gandhi, Nose wali) losing her house. Oh heck ! Why did this cruel Modi govt. do this? How can you throw out the grandma-nose-wali Priyanka who couldn’t even pay the rent of Rs. 53,000+ for a 2400+ Sq Mtr house in Lootyens Delhi ? Very cruel and inappropriate move by the government. No regard for the dynasty.

Six years back in 2014 I had written about how “Family” comes first – It hurts ? Ofcourse, family comes first !

Mr. Modi and the cruel Government should read my blog and treat the Nehru-nose-wali Family properly. They took away the SPG cover that was the birth right of the brother-sister duds (no spelling mistake here). Now they have asked grandma-nose-wali Priyanka to vacate her plush bungalow. They should know, how poor grandma-nose-wali Priyanka is and how her poor husband Robber(t) Vadra has just a few thousand crores and several apartments all over the world. Where will Priyanka live now? I am very concerned. Also in India generally when girls get married they move in with their husband…. maybe Priyanka will do it now.

Beti-bachao Beti-badhao movement

I have a bright suggestion for CONgress. They should start the Beti-bachao Beti-badhao movement against BJP. They have tried so many campaigns that haven’t worked, but I am sure this one would. First they should pay off the Rs 3,46,677/- outstanding on grandma-nose-wali Priyanka’s Lootyens house. Then they should start working on the other joke that one of their team members has started – that Priyanka will become the U.P CM :):).

I can’t stop laughing. The CONfamily is totally in tatters and they still live in the hope that the family nose will bring them election glory. I can totally feel their pain though. All sources of income have dried up under this cruel Modi government. The following cartoon by Kureel is hard hitting and spot on.

Family CONgress

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