Why Good Employees Don’t Stay

This is a problem faced by nearly every organization that exists, why good employees don’t stay!!

I read this article in 2017 and some of the points spoken about here made/still make a lot of sense. Here is a summary of the article – https://www.inc.com/diane-gottsman/how-to-lose-your-best-employees-in-10-simple-steps.html 

Reasons why your best employees leave –

  1. They’re burned out. Often we give more work to the already overworked ! There is a corporate joke doing the rounds saying, if you want something done, give it to the busiest person on your team. While as a joke its fine, when we actually load all the work on one person, there is a good chance of burn out.
  2. They don’t have good tools. This is very important. Good tools include not just hardware like computers etc but other infrastructure as well, chairs, lighting, copiers, shredders, stationery, waste bins, drinking water, clean toilets etc etc.
  3. They feel unappreciated. The salary at the end of the month is a big recognition, but all of us crave for that just in time, pat on the back. We want public acknowledgment of good work. Please make sure that good employees doing good work get ample appreciation. The “pat on the back” is many times more important than once in a quarter “R&R” events.
  4. The environment is uninspiring. Is your office space making you happy and does it inspire you to do your best ? Smelly corridors, plastic flowers, insipid colours and indifferent colleagues are all un-inspiring. Too much of office politics, also makes the environment bad.
  5. They aren’t growing. Pat on the back and promptly paying salaries are very important to keeping good employees but everyone wants growth. If you let good people stagnate at roles or make them do similar work for too long with no new learning, they will leave.
  6. They want to make more money. Money is important. Understand your best employees’ financial situation and ensure they are well paid. Talented, capable people are always in demand.
  7. They don’t see a future. Once you reach the highest level possible in a given organization, or if the organization is going nowhere, capable employees will start moving out. Sometimes the industry dies out and everyone has to find newer opportunities. Sometimes the revenues aren’t sufficient and smart employees figure that out sooner than the rest.
  8. They aren’t heard. Ignore a good employee and they will leave. Simple. Listening to your best employees is the only way to tell them you value them and their talents.
  9. They are unclear on your vision. No one wants to be a cog in wheel and just keep moving around in circles. Especially your good employees. They would like to know how their work contributes to the overall vision. Also they would leave if they aren’t able to align with your vision.

Keeping good, capable employees makes huge business sense. Engaging them is important and it has to be done every single day.

Retain your best employees
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