Who is Your Champion?

Call them by any name, godfather, mentor, coach, champion…you need someone to stand by you. Supporting you socially, emotionally, financially…helping you to navigate the troughs and peaks of your life. Think deeply and identify who has been your champion in life ? I was reminded of this by an inspiring thread posted on Twitter today. I have shared it as part of this post.

Who could be your Champion?

It could be your sibling or parents or spouse or relatives or your friends or your boss or even your boss’s boss. The only caveat is that it has to be someone who understands you, supports your aspirations, and shares your value system. Having a champion by your side helps you grow, at all stages of your life.

In my case, my parents, my brother and Bindu have always supported me at every juncture, especially in moments of crisis. They provide(d) critical emotional support which helped me stay focussed.

In my very first job with Cipla, my first manager Mr. Narayanan was my champion. He taught me everything about being a Medical Representative and also how to be an achiever. Then in L’Oreal, it was Jagdish Kini who was my champion. He helped unleash my potential at a time when we were the launch team of L’Oreal in India. At every stage I have been lucky to find champions who supported my aspirations and taught me critical skills required at that time.

In short, I would not be what I am today, without these champions.

Champions for ShikshaDaan, our NGO

We had audacious goals when we setup ShikshaDaan, our NGO. Our advisory board has been a pillar of support and have truly championed the cause. They ask us the right questions, suggest new ideas, provide alternate perspectives, and stand with us every step of the way. If we have reached the dual milestones of supporting 9300+ students and Rs.10 Crore+ in donations, its totally because of their support.

How a mother championed her daughters’ lives!

This was the tweet that was shared with me in the morning. Its truly inspiring to read the story of how a mother championed the education of her daughters to help them reach greater heights. This post is by the daughter who not only recognises the value of education but also the need to have a champion. https://threader.app/thread/1275931482675183616

Look for champions to support you, and be a champion for someone and help them reach even higher than they think possible.

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