Unnecessary Plastic

Alcohol is medicinal in small doses, many drugs are medicinal in tiny doses, Pizza can be health food if eaten sparingly and made with loads of vegetables instead of mounds of cheese…. but the minute you go overboard, they all turn deadly. We have done the same thing with plastic, making it ubiquitous. We use it so much that our oceans are filled with it besides Mother Earth. The fish have it in their gut and we eat that fish!!

Question for you – How much plastic do we eat? 

Answer – We eat a credit card a week :(.

Many weeks back I was clearing out shelves and found these small clips. 

Plastic Clips

Guess what these are used for ? You see them on every shirt, T.Shirt, Pant or any dress that you buy from a retail store !! These clips are used to keep the folded shirt in place. Then the shirt is placed inside yet another plastic bag. If you are already using a bag to fold and keep the shirt safe, why use these clips? These are the unnecessary plastic items that we add to the mix that really serve no purpose. 

I took a snapshot from the article above and the numbers are truly scary for the US, Lebanon and India –


All the plastic bottles of water, coke, pepsi, the grocery bags etc etc etc find their way into our bodies.

To be fair, the awareness has increased. There is a great movement happening across the world to carry your own bottle or cup or spoon. We also need to stop manufacturing these kinds of useless clips and other such useless plastic items. I am not a huge fan of the plastic recycling movement. I would prefer to reduce our plastic footprint, reduce production of bags, clips etc that aren’t really needed. We also need to get out of this use-and-throw mindset to reduce our overall consumption.

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4 thoughts on “Unnecessary Plastic”

  1. Bindu,
    Thanks for this reminder about plastic. I found the book, “Plastic: A Toxic Love Story,” by Susan Freinkel, most enlightening, but I’ve also noticed how plastic has found its way into every facet of our lives. Also, you can’t repair it, so if a product with plastic at the stress points, like lawn chairs with plastic joints breaks, you have to replace the whole chair or do without.

    Like you, I try to minimize the plastic that crosses my threshold, but it’s increasingly difficult. I use a re-usable cup and canvas shopping bags, but with this Covid-19 “pandemic”, coffee shops and grocery stores are increasingly squirrely about letting me supply my own packaging.

    The packaging industries must be making a “killing” with the pandemic, along with the mask manufacturers and the coronavirus test manufacturers, but the oceans are suffering.

  2. Right … use and throw model has to be reduced… from our ancestors age we had always thought of permanent things that would last a life time … our generation then the next and sometimes the third gen but slowly we have started moving out of that culture to a live in the now let others take care of themselves and this has made all the difference… last year when we visited our village and happened to attend a function was terrified to see plastic plates and one time use plastic glasses for water and the dining table was covered with a big one time plastic sheet … the good old days when in functions we used to sit on the ground and food was fondly served on a clean banana leaf … I wish we can bring those days back … it’s the need of the hour actually 🙏


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