Where is the Bishop?

Does anyone remember Bishop Franco Mulakkal? Vaguely ? This is the man who was accused by a Nun of repeatedly raping her and one of the key witnesses in the case, Father Kuriakose died mysteriously…Now do you remember?

Its easy to forget, because its some unknown Nun somewhere in Kerala and it doesn’t affect our daily life. For the Nun in question, its her whole life ! This alleged rapist is powerful and vindictive. The Indian law enforcement agencies had to wait to get permission from the Vatican (@#*!!!) in order to arrest him. Makes you wonder about the reach of the Vatican and about the pseudo secularism that India practises. Secularism is a one way street, that’s applicable to the so-called minorities alone. Anyway, that’s the topic for some other blog.

The brave Nun still complained against this powerful man in 2018. She is still fighting. The other Nun who supported her has been expelled ?$*!@. Recently yet another Nun has filed a complaint of rape against the same Bishop Mulakkal. I continue to wonder if he will get the punishment that he deserves. I looked up the latest news on this case and here are two snapshots –

Bishop Mullakal Case
News updates on Bishop Mulakkal
Bishop Mulakkal case
Note that the Indian order dismisses Sister Lucy who supported the Nun who had accused Bishop Mulakkal

I am not offering any opinion on this case. I am merely presenting the news items as I found them on the internet. Its for the reader to make their own deductions. I have a few more questions –

  1. Why is the Bishop in Jalandhar ? Since when did Sardars become Christians?
  2. Rampant conversions are going on in TamilNadu and Punjab. Why ? Aren’t we a “secular” country anymore ?
  3. Why did the law enforcement agencies have to get permission from the Vatican to act against the Bishop ? Isn’t the Bishop an Indian citizen ?
  4. Why is the Church acting against the nuns who complain? Do they not have the right to protest against predatory superiors?

I plan to keep writing about this and other “forgotten” cases and pray for justice to be delivered.

Do read my blog from 2018 – Nun … the less.

Read more about the case on this link – https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/bishop-mulakkal-sex-scandal-the-story-till-now/article25227024.ece

2 thoughts on “Where is the Bishop?”

  1. Never knew that vatican played such a role in the internal matters of a country… End of the day everything is about numbers and the man who gets the numbers in, is retained… No matter what… Sad state of affairs and organised religion…..
    We should continue rising awareness and not let the country forget what it means to be truly secular….

    • True Rose. I didn’t know either. Found out when this case broke open. I was less concerned about that – the Nuns and their situation seems quite bad. Wish the church supports them in this fight.


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