The Dragon and RFN Jaswant Singh

Just two days back, Twitter re-activated my suspended account. But on the same day for a few hours, Amul’s twitter account was suspended allegedly for the following promotional advert.

Amul poster
Taken from TOI


Isn’t social media for everyone ? Isn’t that the strength of any social media ? That it is free for anyone to express any view. Am happy if Twitter insists on people being civil and respectful on its platform but it allows several handles to hurl vile abuse at women ministers like Smriti Irani and of course our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Modi. Why? How can a social media platform start taking sides ? As it is journalists and media houses have their own loyalties and promote their “chosen” views, but when social media starts doing the same, its unacceptable.

I can’t find anything wrong with the above poster – the dragon has to exit India. We have to be Vocal for Local and focus on made in India products. Why would I be bothered about China’s sentiments when they don’t bother about mine !!#$*?

The dragon is flexing its digital muscle and trying to browbeat Twitter into submission … its trying to use its financial might and buying off institutions, its trying to be a hegemony, BUT, it also needs to be reminded of Rifleman Jaswant Singh. He single-handedly held off a battalion and killed 300 Chinese soldiers in 1962. Its not the gun that an Indian soldier holds which determines the outcome of a battle, its his courage, spirit and undying love for his country. There is no tank, no gun, no bomb, nothing that you can manufacture in a factory that can kill that spirit. So beware. Read the entire article here – Jaswant Singh, The Man who saved Arunachal Pradesh from The Chinese.

RFN Jaswant Singh
Rifleman Jaswant Singh, who killed 300 Chinese soldiers single handedly. 1962 war.


Here is another classic topical poster from Amul … that adorable little girl says “Cheeni Kum Karo” and we should listen to her. Reduce your sugar intake and reduce your purchase of Chinese products :):):).

So glad that Amul belongs to India.

Intolerant twitter must learn tolerance and become a platform that allows fair exchange of views.

A tiny reminder to patriotic Indians – Anti-India forces are digital tigers, strong only on digital platforms ….. on ground, recently a young lieutenant punched a beefy Chinese soldier for misbehaving with his senior officer. Jaswant Singh reborn ??

Show your wallet power, stop buying Chinese goods, and show your appreciation for Baba Jaswant Singh and the Indian armed forces who keep us safe and pay with their lives for our freedom. Cheeni Kum Karo, Exit The Dragon.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.



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