Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful to whoever thought up of blogging and to WordPress for being the best place to blog at. I am so glad that Nisha prompted me to blog. I didn’t think about it till she made me do it in 2012. I initially started to blog at blogspot (eblogger, and now just blogger) but Prashant (Chai Ki Dukaan) made me shift to WordPress almost instantly. So I am on WordPress since Jan 1, 2012 and I love the time I spend in the blogosphere.

My blog has brought new friends, made me lose a few friends, got me back in touch with a few lost friends, and it has given me a platform to share my views about anything and everything. I follow several blogs and its a treasure trove of personal experiences that I get to read. Many inspire me, some disturb me but invariably every blog provides new insights and widens my perspective. What a great way to understand different cultures, discuss opinions, share local nuances, see places through other’s eyes, exchange recipes, reach out with advise or just be around as a virtual friend. When I was in school, I was encouraged to have “pen pals” – friends from some other country with whom you could correspond over letters. I never managed to make any pen pal, but blogging has made that a reality !

For me writing is an addiction … if I don’t write something everyday, I get quite grumpy. The minute I start to sulk, Krishnan literally pushes me to the writing desk saying “go write your blog”. :):)

Am thrilled that Krishnan decided to merge his blog into 90rollsroyces, so that both of us can blog on it.

Thanks to all the readers and followers of my blog. I love interacting with all of you. A special thanks to the “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress, for truly bringing “happiness” to me and many bloggers like me.

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