Daily Gratitude

Today am grateful to Steve Jobs for creating the iPad. Can’t imagine a world without it. The iPad literally puts the world under our fingertips. One has to be thankful to Steve Jobs for bringing aesthetics into the tech world and for perceiving needs that were not obvious.

The first tablet to be launched was from Hewlett Packard. It bombed and they decided that people won’t use tablets. The came the iPad and became an instant sensation. Why ? Because genius Steve Jobs was able to figure out that 99% of people in the world use a computer to do basic stuff like emails, make notes, store pictures and connect with other people using social media. The iPad had just those functions and was not a programmer’s delight 🤣🤣.

The iPad continues to do just those basic functions – emails, social media, storing pictures, play music and help bookworms read using the Kindle app. With Amazon and many other online stores, the iPad has also become your shopping centre. The PC just went out of the window for most people.

So glad that we are able to enjoy Steve Jobs’ creation, the iPad.

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