What Our 7 Billion World Population Does 2013 Vs 2020 – Infographic

Both the above infographics are part of the article whose link is given below –

World population visualize by what people do and when they do it. 7 billion people and the length of human life combined in infographic of humanity’s life.
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This article was written in 2013. Today the world population is nearing 8 billion (7.8 and counting)….. a staggering number. Visit the Worldometers Population to see the population growth live.

From the same Worldometers page, I took the following infographic –

Except for the 1.4 billion people involved in agriculture, some of the essential services, and the Corona warriors, … the balance folks have been in a lockdown condition for nearly two months courtesy the Chinese virus.

If this isn’t world war 3, wonder what is 🧐🧐.

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  1. Seeing these infographics was really interesting, however at the ripe old age of 23, I think I have already exceeded the time spent shopping expected for my lifetime haha!!

  2. Apart from population, the main shortage of water is due to the growing human population,every million addition of population will need additional million litters of water, so please control population if every one gets their needed water!

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