Sriranga’s Banana Cake


This is a very proud aunt (Athai/Bua) showing off her 6 year old talented nephew’s baking skills now ! My cousin’s wife Priya and I were chatting a couple of days back and she sent me this picture of a banana cake that Sriranga had baked. I asked her if she gave him the recipe and she said, that he took it off YouTube …. yeah, YouTube. The same YouTube that I have watched Osho’s discourses on a few (not exceeding 10) times. This is the new generation folks. Move on and let them take centre stage.

Sriranga’s banana cake is truly yummy looking and according to his Mom also tasted yummy. Its eggless and without Maida (refined flour).

Banana Wheat Cake

Banana Wheat Cake, eggless, made by Sriranga


A slice to get you drooling –


Like me if you are looking for the recipe, here it is. Don’t miss the beautiful handwriting. Quite a healthy vegan option for those who like cakes but don’t want eggs or Maida.

Banana Cake Recipe

Eggless Banana Cake Recipe, No Maida used.


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