Did you know what just happened ?

Did you know what just happened?

Justice Abhay Thipsay, close confidant of Rahul Gandhi and Congress party senior member, appeared in London Court as NIRAV MODI WITNESS.

Justice Thipsay appeared on behalf of Nirav Modi to say ‘he did no wrong’.

Nirav Modi defrauded Indian banks in a scam which started when Congress was in power.

Nirav Modi’s fraud was found under NDA, he tried to escape. was hunted down, arrested & is facing deportation hearings.

Who comes to defend Nirav Modi? Congress party!


Here are a few other articles about the same Justice Thipsay – feel free to connect the dots any which way.

Justice Thipsay to join CONgress

The same CONgress that created an uproar over ex-CJI Gogoi becoming a Rajya Sabha member.

A year after he retired and before joining the CONgress he talks of his reservations about the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case and Justice Loya’s case.

Justice Thipsay on Sohrabuddin case and Justice Loya’s case

Will leave you with a quote from James Bond –

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