Sunset Ramblings :)

Today I captured the Sunset from Amma’s bedroom window and from the balcony. As I took the pictures I was wondering as to how many people still use a camera ? Prashant, who is an amazing photographer and is the co-founder of  told me that he is experimenting with different phones and that some of the phones were outstanding for photographs and even videos !

In Gurgaon there is a Museum for Cameras or actually for photography and since cameras are what you use for taking a photograph, this museum houses a huge collection of cameras of nearly every vintage and from different countries. Its fascinating to think that its one man’s collection.

Just before the lockdown got announced, Krishnan and I were planning to visit as the museum is very close to our house. Hopefully we get to visit it sometime this year. I just noticed that they have asked people to share pictures during the lockdown. Let me find some pictures and share with them for their “Lockdown diaries” series.

Check out their website –


Sunset from Amma’s bedroom window

From the balcony

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