Lockdown Food #3 – Tamarind Sweet Chutney


The Tamarind Sweet Chutney is a staple addition to several “Chaat” (snack) items. The restaurants make it with sugar and tamarind pulp. Since we are in a lockdown and more importantly since Krishnan and I are trying to avoid white sugar totally, I make this chutney at home so that I can substitute the sugar with jaggery.

I make small batches always and it stays in the fridge easily for two weeks.

The ingredients I use are – 1 TSP Ghee, 1/4Cup Tamarind water (approx a lemon sized tamarind pulp dissolved in 1/4 C water), 1/4C + 1TBSP of Palm jaggery or regular jaggery, 1 TSP each of dry ginger powdered, Kalonji (Nigella seeds), Saunf (fennel) seeds powdered, Jeera (cumin), Coriander seeds powdered.

I use the OPOS sugar syrup hack to make this chutney/sauce. If you don’t use OPOS, then basically you need to dissolve the sweetner (sugar/jaggery) in the tamarind pulp and cook till it thickens.

This chutney can be added while making Bhelpuri, or as a dipping sauce with any pakodas/bhajiyas (fritters), or as a salad dressing, or you can also make Choley and Rajma into a snack by adding some fresh onions and bhujia topped with this chutney. It tastes sweet and tangy.


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