Instant Beetroot Pickle

Many people don’t know what to do with Beetroot, one of the most nutritious vegetable available to us. My earliest memory of the beetroot is about using it to colour my lips to match with Bhagwan Krishna’s lips on a picture in the puja room at Dehu Road. I have always been attracted to that picture of Krishna’s that Appa had hung. Krishna’s face and body were blue like in all his pictures and his lips were painted red. I had no clue about lipstick as Amma has never used any, so I thought in all my innocence at that age, that Krishna’s lips were naturally red :):).

As far as using Beetroot in regular food was concerned, my mother-in-law would make an amazing paruppu-kozhambu (dal-sambar) with beetroot. My mother would once in a while make Beetroot halwa. Once we moved to Delhi and I started to cook regularly I would make beetroot sambar once in a while but never knew how to use it as a “subzi”. Then we got the Hurom slow juicer in 2015 and carrot and beetroot juice became a regular thing during winters. Ever since OPOS came into our lives in 2017, I always have beetroot in the fridge and its made nearly every other week as a vegetable by itself or I have started making it into an instant pickle as well.

Here is the recipe for the instant pickle –

Flash (an OPOS technique) two cups of beetroot with 1.5 TBSP of oil and 1 TBSP of vinegar. Try and use Beets that haven’t spent a long time drying up in your fridge. Some people don’t like the smell of vinegar and you could use lemon juice instead. Haven’t tried it though.

The masala I use for the instant pickle is – 1 TSP of Kalonji seeds, 1 TBSP of dry roasted coriander and fennel seeds freshly ground, salt to taste, 1 TSP of turmeric powder, 1 TSP red chilli powder, 1 TSP of Amchur powder and 1 TBSP of palm jaggery or regular jaggery. (I will not recommend sugar as its pure poison and we are staying as far away as possible from it).

Mix it all together and bottle it. It stays in the fridge for months, but in our house its generally gone the day its made. Sometimes I keep it for a day if I plan to make a salad the next day because this really adds to the taste of the salad.

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