A bat and a Peacock !

Yesterday when Amma opened the kitchen window, she saw a tiny bat latched onto the outer wire mesh. Obviously the bat couldn’t see very well in daylight and so didn’t move or it was dead.

The tiny bat hanging onto the wire mesh from the outside

In 2010, as we were about to close up the house and leave for our vacation, a tiny bat flew into the house from the bedroom window that was open. We struggled for an hour trying to either catch it or let it fly out, but neither happened. After futile attempts at driving it out, we suddenly couldn’t find it. At that time we had a huge crockery chest and we felt it had gone behind that. Since we had to leave for our flight, we just shut ย the bedroom and kitchen doors and left. Once we came back, we still didn’t find the bat. We changed the crockery chest a couple of years later and still didn’t find the bat. It probably escaped from under the door !

Yesterday was a day of finding exotic wildlife :). Around 11 we were walking towards SuperMart 1 and on the way found a peacock in the small park, just outside Ridgewood. Despite the fact that we see peacocks often in Gurgaon, they still remain exotic and oh so beautiful … The riot of colours on them is a sight to behold.

Sharing a couple of pictures from former PM, (late) Mr. Chandrashekar’s farm in Bhondsi. In Aug 2009, when Krishnan and I were riding regularly with the PedalYatris, Rajesh and Anand were doing a recce at this farm for a trail to cycle on. It was a really nice trail that they found and we rode it often enough after that. On this particular day, we had taken Amma with us and Amma and I were just walking around the farm. This farm has a huge number of peacocks.

A peacock on the lookout for intruders ๐Ÿ™‚
A dancing peacock !

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