Roadside Barber

A couple of days back we were walking to the Sanesa store at Sushant Arcade when I saw this roadside barber going about his work. Long before the “salon” came to India, the roadside barber was omni-present for men to get a haircut and a shave. This is a dying profession now. I was reminded of a book that I had read a long time back about dying professions by Nidhi Dugar – Book review – The lost generation .

A gentleman getting a shave at the roadside barber’s.

As we walked back, the same barber had a mask on ! Fascinating how information flows in India. It felt good to see everyone taking precautions against the corona virus.

Yet another gentleman getting a shave, but the barber has a mask on safely.

Left us feeling nostalgic for the days when we could pick something that fell from our hands, dust it and eat it without falling sick !! Those days are truly gone, except in Mongolia.

#Nostalgia #DyingProfessions

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