Aloo Tikki ? Look Again :)

Yesterday for Holi, the special in our house was Tikki. Since Hareesh was in town and he loves “chaat”, I thought of making Tikki. This Tikki though has a twist …. it has no potatoes. This is made with “Jimikand” or “senai kizhangu” or Elephant Yam. The other vegetables I added are carrots, green peas, corn, cabbage and a leftover piece of sweet potato. The masalas I used were – garam masala, red chilli powder, turmeric, salt to taste and a pinch of Amchoor (Dry mango powder). I flashed all the vegetables and mashed them. Added roasted rava and besan to thicken it so I can make the tikki.

Just took handfuls of the mix, flattened them and used tiny dollops of ghee in a skillet to turn the sides brown. It tasted different but quite nice. I made the sweet chutney with karupatti (palm jaggery) and lemon juice, and avoided using white sugar.

This is an easy and tasty snack which is healthy too.

I was reminded of an episode in Masterchef Australia where the participants had to cook a dish with “pidi kizhangu” or long yam (its native to Australia) and one of the participants was eliminated because he couldn’t think of any dish. All Yams can be used as a substitute for Potatoes, as most of the Yams have no taste of their own. They offer the base to add other vegetables to and they take on the flavours of the spices used. Yams are more nutritious and being less visible, they escape the pesticide overload and genetic modification.

Do read my blog – Elephant Foot Yam is tasty too 🙂


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