Scindia – a troubled legacy

Holi this year seems to have drained the color off some faces and added a myriad hues to some other faces !! With Jyotiraditya Scindia meeting the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the BJP party President, its obvious that he is planning to join the BJP. That he was Rahul Gandhi’s “friend” made no difference to his decision. Today happens to be his father, Madhavrao Scindia’s birthday and symbolically he returns to the party where his father started his political career in 1971.

CONgress yet again refuses to let anyone other than the Nehru-Gandhi family run the party. They expel Jyotiraditya Scindia for anti-party activities after he resigns 🙂 as though, he didn’t indulge in anti-party activities before his resignation. It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic. It’s not just the M.P CONgress that is imploding, as Rajdeep Sar-de-Sai tried saying in his newscast, the CONgress is being swallowed by a black hole called the “parivar”.

I don’t know what deal Jyotiraditya Scindia has cut with the BJP and I don’t want to know. All that I am interested in knowing is, what will be his contribution to India’s growth? He is well educated, comes from a royal family and his father was a strong contender for the PM’s post – things that gave him an easy entry into politics, but hanging onto Rahul Gandhi’s coat tails hasn’t really worked out for him. Why did it take him 19 long years to decide that he can’t serve his people while being in CONgress ? How could he call a man with no education, no experience and no political skills as his leader ?

Jyotiraditya Scindia has a troubled legacy … his grandmother was dedicated to Jan Sangh which morphed into BJP, his father had a fallout with her and joined the CONgress, conspiracy theories abound about his death ..was Madhavrao bumped off? and then there is the legal battle between his father and grandmother that amounts to Rs. 20,000/- Crores. The conspiracy theorists say that it was Jiyajirao Scindia, one of his great-grandfathers who gave a weak horse to Rani Jhansi that led to her being martyred in the 1857 revolt against the British…..

I had visited the Scindia Palace way back in 2004. Krishnan had work in Gwalior and I took a couple of days off to just spend time in Gwalior sightseeing. The famous table that could seat a 100 people and had the silver train running around with food was obviously the main attraction –

The famous silver food train … and a table that could seat a 100 guests
The silver coaches (serving bowls)
The massive palace that’s Jyotiraditya Scindia home …

….. will we see an able, accountable leader or will Jyotiraditya be yet another charismatic, well spoken “spoilt” royal scion ?? Time will tell.

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