The best fizzy drink for you..

Did you guess what this is ?

Freshly made pineapple juice ! When you use a slow juicer, pineapple fizz raises to the top. I have enjoyed pineapples only in Shillong. They were so sweet and juicy. When Krishnan and I visited Shillong in 2003, we again gorged on the pineapples. Infact when my friend Sriman went to Guwahati and then met me in Chennai a few years back, I asked him to get me a pineapple from there. He did and it tasted just as great as ever.

We have discovered Sanesa’s organic store in the Sushant Arcade complex, just behind our apartment complex. Their pineapples are exactly like the Shillong ones – sweet and juicy. Pineapples are loaded with nutrients and must be eaten whenever you get a chance.

So thrilled to re-discover the pineapples of Shillong in our backyard :).


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