Cutlet Dosa

Continuing our attempts to add more vegetables to our regular food – I made “cutlet” dosas. Flashed (an OPOS technique) corn, green chana and green peas and poured some dosa batter. A little bit of garam masala and green chillies or red chilli powder can be added. I didn’t add either, just adjusted the salt. Poured the dosa out as we always do, but in tiny sizes like a cutlet.

We ate it with the peanut spice powder and it really tasted yum. A week back I had similarly made a batch of vegetables and poured out slightly larger dosas, sprinkled some cheese on it. This takes care of your craving for a pizza with a healthier and tasty option. In a pizza all you get is refined flour that has no nutrients and store bought pizzas are also loaded with taste enhancers and other chemicals. If you get a veg pizza, there is a small quantity of vegetables and a liberal helping of cheese. While cheese in small quantities is not harmful, but the pizza is usually eaten for the cheese overload. With Dominos “innovating” with a “cheese burst” pizza that has the base and the crust filled with cheese, its a dangerous overload on your system.  Refined flour does nothing except clog your blood vessels literally.

Its sad to see modern Indians in major cities and even semi-urban cities, opting for easy breakfast items like bread and cereal. Neither one offers much nutrition and both are loaded with sugar. High sugar leads to several issues with children – hyperactivity being the most common problem. While every western research says sugar does not cause hyperactivity or the more serious ADHD, white sugar is simply poison. It hits the blood stream and makes you crave for more. Every single day children are eating huge quantities of sugar – its in their biscuits, cakes, cereals, bread, milk powder, chocolates, packaged “real” fruit juices, colas, fizzy drinks, health drinks and almost every snack.

India has a plethora of breakfast items that are easy to make and very healthy. Hopefully we shift to the healthier options, rather than breaking open a pack of bread or cereal.

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