Drama in the skies and on ground !

From 5 pm today the skies have been putting up a performance – rolling thunder, streaking lightning and then rains. Is it signalling the end of winter ? Usually it rains just before Holi but this year it seems to have rained almost ten days in advance. There is a slight chill in the air, so maybe there would be some more showers later in the week which will signal a change in the season.

The rain shower today was at such an angle that we had to close all the windows as water started coming in. While Amma tried to close one of the bathroom windows, a pigeon ended up entering the room. I tried opening the netlon screen in the hope that it will fly away, but the pigeon seemed to be really scared and just ducked behind one of the buckets. Finally we got our house help to come over and let the pigeon out. Luckily he was still within the condominium complex, otherwise we would have had to wait till the morning. Complete drama. :):)

The dark skies just before it rained

Rains are always welcome … they wash away all the dirt and everything looks fresh.

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