Anti-India Riots in Delhi

A young IB employee is killed in the Delhi riots and his body is dumped in a drain … the autopsy reveals 400 stab wounds. 400 stab wounds – not one, not two, but 400. Let that sink in. His name is Ankit Sharma. There are more bodies being recovered from the same drain. A young woman’s body was found outside AAP councillor Tahir Hussain’s house, naked, and her clothes were found inside his house. A stockpile of stones, petrol bombs, slingshots, acid …. and many other “harmful” tools were found in the same house. Tahir Hussain has been arrested for the murder of Ankit Sharma.

Vinod Kumar was brutally killed and his body left in the middle of the lane, probably because he had a “Jai Shri Ram” sticker on his bike. Ratan Lal, Delhi Police Constable, killed by gunshot. Nineteen year old Vivek Chaudhry brought to the GTB hospital with an iron object, a part of a hand held driller, protruding from his head …. he has survived, but just so.

The anti-CAA protests that degenerated into anti-India riots are being RE-NAMED as anti-Muslim riots. It would be laughable had it not taken 38 human lives. The Western media and the anti-India media houses/people within India are changing the narrative to suit their political ideologies – don’t forget, George Soros, has pledged $1 billion to prevent “fascist Hindu fundamentalists” from coming to power in India. Essentially a foreign HNI is interfering in India’s democracy and the world joins in. Please ask these questions of yourselves – Who gains from India being weak ? Who gains from India’s slow growth ? Who gains from Hindus being painted as fascists/terrorists ? Who gains from disturbing the communal harmony in India  and creating civil war like conditions ?

Do read this deeply disturbing article – Beware of Project Arab Spring.

I got a short poem over WhatsApp yesterday and it speaks volumes about what is happening in Delhi and the rest of India currently. Sharing the poem as received –

“If you criticize me,
it’s your freedom of speech
If I criticize you,
it’s my Intolerance
If you judge me,
you are Enlightened
If I judge you,
I am Prejudiced
If you question my faith,
then you are Secular
If I question your faith,
then I am Communal
If you defend yourself,
it’s because you are a Victim
If I defend myself,
it’s because I am violent.

If you pen your thoughts,
it’s Revolutionary
If I pen my thoughts,
it’s Provocation.

If you march,
it’s a Protest
If I march,
it’s a Mob.

If you lodge a complaint,
you r following the Course of Law
If I lodge a complaint,
I am Misusing the Law.

Now one has to identify who is I and who is you….”

While Delhi burns and Delhi police personnel have been subjected to acid attacks, stones and bullets, all that the anti-national forces (read leftists, pseudo-seculars, Hindu-haters, Muslim-baiters, woke libtards) are doing is fanning the fires. The uneducated Muslim citizen is kept in the dark and his fears are stirred. Neither is his citizenship in question nor his survival, but he is made to believe that he will be thrown out of India. Who gains ? Who loses ? We are all pawns in the great political game that’s being played by foreign forces, ably aided by anti-national elements, with the single agenda of breaking up India again and not letting us flourish.

Praying for my beloved motherland… borrowing Nepal’s motto – “जननी जन्मभूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी”.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena… and as the Grenadiers say Bharat “Sarvada Shaktishali”.

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