Built … Re-Built

On Sunday we attended the ARTH festival at Jawaharlal Nehru stadium. On our way back, we couldn’t get an Uber as gate number 10 was not coming up on the location map. As we walked towards the main road, we saw that the Jangpura metro station was just 200 metres away. Krishnan and I always carry our metro card with us and we immediately walked into the metro station, took a train to Central Secretariat and then shifted to the yellow line towards HUDA City centre.

The extent to which Delhi Metro has expanded is truly impressive !! We didn’t know that there were two Jawaharlal Nehru stadium stops. There is a metro station on the violet line that’s known as Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium which brings you to Gate no. 2. If the event you are attending is near gate no. 10 or 13, then get off at Jangpura metro station and you are 200 metres from gate no. 10. The station is a little deserted late in the evening on a Sunday, but am sure its buzzing during the weekdays.

As we got off the metro at HUDA city centre and walked out, I took a picture of the “under construction” flyover and underpass that hopefully will make the flow of traffic better at this important traffic junction.

HUDA had built an ugly, massive and totally useless fountain at the point where the Sikandarpur metro station is today … in less than a year, it was torn down and the metro station came up in its place. Almost every traffic signal has had several “things” built near them and then torn down to make way for something else. All over India we seem to have a penchant to build something and rebuild something else over it every now and then. When will we see better urban planning ?

Our forefathers at Dholavira built well planned cities 5000 years back ….. have we progressed or regressed ?? !

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