Why 90 Rolls Royces ?

A couple of days back I was searching for a Hindi audio/video of Osho’s where he talks about the whole game of charity and the responsibilities of the “needy” and the “poor”. While searching for that video, I stumbled across this delightful short interview where Osho says why he has 90 Rolls Royces.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti had told me that Osho had 93 Rolls Royces but for some strange reason I had named my blog as 90 Rolls Royces. Am thrilled that when this interview took place, Osho says he has 90 Rolls Royces. Hearing my blog name being uttered by Osho is priceless – however stupid it appears to anyone else.

Enjoy the Master of Masters short interview –

Am a rich man’s Guru

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