India – the last frontier for the fanatics ….

In the days after the CAA was passed by the parliament, there are three pictures that sent a chill down my spine and they tell a disturbing story of our country at this present juncture. I am no political commentator nor an activist – I am just a regular citizen of India with a deepening sense of dread.

I welcome the CAA and I feel it should have been implemented much earlier. I am unable to find a single reason for the Muslim citizens of India to feel threatened by the CAA because it has nothing to do with any citizen of India. Secondly, as far as the NRC is concerned, it is an imperative that India knows who its citizens are ! The argument being furthered by the Shaheen Bagh protestors and the “woke” non-intellectuals about how this Modi Govt will use CAA+NRC to throw out Muslims from India is unbelievable and flawed. India is not a “dharamshala” or a caravanserai for anyone to land up here illegally, enjoy all the benefits as a citizen and then claim the place as their own.

The 3, 4, or 5 crore Bangladeshis who are here illegally have to leave – we have no obligation towards them. The Rohingyas who have come all the way from Myanmar to Kashmir and then to Kerala need to go back to Myanmar or Bangladesh. Again, we have no obligation towards them. The way the CAA+NRC combo offer is being twisted is to say that the illegal Hindus/Buddhists/Christians/Jews will get to stay on in India using the CAA’s religious persecution clause while the Muslims will be thrown out. For a minute, lets further that argument and see the end result – who are being persecuted in our neighbouring Islamic countries ? Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are Islamic countries who happen to be our neighbours. Are Muslims being persecuted in these countries ? So why should India let illegal Muslim immigrants to remain in India ? Where is our obligation towards them ?

We do have an obligation towards the Hindus – there is no country where a persecuted Hindu can go to except India and even here, he/she needs to show his papers and wait for 5 years before getting citizenship. It isn’t automatic and India doesn’t go looking for persecuted Hindus everywhere and rescue them at enormous cost like Israel does for the Jews. Many times I feel jealous of the jews and feel like converting to Judaism because there is a country that loves me so much just for being a Jew !!

The albatross of “Secularism” is heavy around India’s neck …. and it is beginning to choke. The Hindu temples are controlled by the government while Christian and Muslim institutions are managed by their own trusts/leaders. If CONgress had continued ruling this country, it would have succeeded in proving that Hindus are terrorists and fulfilled the colonial dream ! At 15% of the population – India has the second largest number of Muslims (200 million) in the world living here. Is that because of persecution ??? How warped is that argument. I haven’t heard of a single Indian Muslim leaving India because he/she is persecuted. I would like to see data of how many Muslim citizens have fled India because the government has treated them badly or they have been harassed…. can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want any Indian citizen to leave India but that’s what these pseudo-seculars, and woke “non-intellectuals” will have us believe about our Muslim citizens.

The first disturbing picture –

The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were killed along with a few of their colleagues (12 in all) ….. and all of literate India put the French flag on their FB profiles and wrote “je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) in support of those killed. The cartoonists said something terrible about Prophet Mohammed on their magazine cover. I offer this information with no comment except to ask, when those who said something terrible about an individual born 1400 years ago and were shot dead, what should a billion people feel about the poster in the picture above where “OM”, the sound of the universe and a sacred symbol of utmost respect in Hinduism has been desecrated ???? Did any Hindu even feel outraged about whoever created this sinister poster and which country posted India’s flag on its FB profile ?

Hinduism traces itself back to atleast 5000 years, even going by the “western” historical timeline and if History is granted “freedom of expression”, based on facts, its probably 17000 to 20000 years old, if not older. Are Hindu symbols not sacred then ?

The second picture –

I don’t know if this is a doctored picture and if it is, someone should have pointed it out on Twitter and elsewhere. Haven’t seen anyone saying that this is fake for nearly a month and a half so am assuming it is not fake.

First a sacred symbol of Hindus is desecrated and then the country’s flag is …. Why this hatred towards a country that has given you everything ? Every Indian Muslim and Christian has Hindu forefathers – whether they would like to accept it or not. None of them came from anywhere else. So why the hatred towards Hindus? Why the hatred for India ?

The third picture –


This is the most recent one .. probably a day old. And this is what the other two pictures were building upto. India cannot/should not/hopefully will not become an Islamic state or a Christian country. India is the only country where people are truly free to pursue whatever religion they choose to and it is because of our Hindu heritage. The day we have citizens pointing a gun at a police officer we have become an anarchy. Those who want India to fail will succeed. This is what happened in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and every other country – citizens breaking the law and civil war leading to mass exodus. It would help to remember, that Hindus have no other country in the world …

Neither Islam nor Christianity offer equivalence nor acceptance to any other religion and India is caught in the middle with its billion strong Hindu population ….. a bunch of people whose way of life (not religion) doesn’t teach them to hate someone who prays to a different God. As a Hindu, I can choose a stone or a human being or a ISRO satellite as my God… but a Christian or a Muslim cannot. The problem arises when you want me NOT to choose the ISRO satellite as my God – who the F$2k are you to decide on my behalf? As an Indian, I can make the above statement and still expect to live, but the day this country becomes an Islamic state, I will be reborn after being killed … and if this country becomes a Christian nation, I will forget my freedom to choose my God.

India thus is the last frontier for the fanatics and the last oasis for religious freedom…. deeply disturbed and truly worried that the fanatics may gain ground because again, the truly educated, non-partisan, free thinking Indians don’t care enough to raise their voice.

Jai Hind.

p.s – Mr. Waris Pathan getting away with his recent rant “15 Cr Muslims Will Be Tough On 100 Cr Hindus” says a lot :(:(.

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