Narthaki Nataraj – Mind Blowing

We attended two sessions of ARTH, a culture fest at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium today. While I will write about Mr. Owaisi and Dr. Swamy’s session later, am still under the spell cast by Padma Shri Narthaki Nataraj. She enacted Amba turning into Shikhandi and back to Amba on the Kurukshetra battle field and you could almost see Amba and Bhishma right there ! You didn’t have to know the language – her “abhinaya” was mind blowing. The flames that consumed Amba, Bhishma’s laughter, a heartbroken Amba and then the re-birth as Shikhandi… finally Arjuna firing the fatal arrows upon his Pitamaha Bhisma, all came alive.

She got a standing ovation and I am going to find the YouTube of this performance and watch it again….

Who is Narthaki Nataraj ?

Taken from the official Padma awards website.

Shikhandi (Amba) is the first transgender we learn of through Mahabharata and to have Narthaki Nataraj play Amba today was like watching Nataraja himself.

Do read about her – Narthaki Nataraj.


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