A good looking Sardar !

We went to a meeting in Ashok Vihar in the morning. While getting back, somewhere in Rajouri Garden, I clicked this young good looking Sardar doing something that he should not !!!

Cellphones are a rage and it almost seems as though, we cannot live without them ! Just 15 years back, they weren’t ubiquitous as they are now. Life went on, meetings happened, people met, married, had children, found their way around without Google maps and life was good. I don’t want to disregard the benefits of mobile phones – they have changed the way we live and for the better, but also for the worse.

This young man’s attention is not on the road and his reactions will be delayed because he is focussing on some message that he is reading or writing on his cellphone. Why can’t he park and do what he wants to ? Krishnan and I do not answer calls when driving. If both of us are there in the car, then the one not driving may respond, but if we are driving alone, we put the phone on silent and focus on driving.

With cars/bikes getting more powerful, this behaviour has to stop. Many fatal mishaps have already happened because of the craze for selfies …. and this is a whole other level.

May someone din some sense into this young man and wish the traffic police gets a little more serious. Whatever happened to those obscene fines for flouting traffic rules ? Have they been revoked?

#Delhi #CellPhoneMenace

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