Osho Story #9 – Today and Tomorrow

This excerpt is from the book “Come, Come, Yet Again Come”. The opening lines in the first page are so beautiful that I want to post the picture here, more to reinforce the message to myself …

Ours is not a caravan of despair ! oh, only Osho can say that and that is the statement that makes him the Master of all Masters – the first one to say that Life is joy. I stayed away from all temples and gurus, till Osho happened only because everyone spoke of “giving up” this and that and about how difficult life is. Look at that one sentence and right there every Atlas will shrug the burden of life off his shoulder :).

The story that I have taken from this book is on page 79. Here goes –

“….. A high-pressure salesman for a milking-machine company seemed unable to convince a farmer to buy his appliance. “There’s no use talking,” persisted the farmer, “I’ve only got one cow to milk.”

“But this machine will save you time in milking even one cow,” he insisted.”Look! It is just about milking time now. Let’s go to the barn and I’ll show you.”

In the barn the salesman set up his machine and began the demonstration, carrying on meanwhile his persuasive flow of talk. The old man began to take a keen interest in the proceedings as he beheld the wondrous efficiency of the milker.

“Well, mister,” the farmer conceded at last, “I admit its wonderful. I’d like mighty well to have it, but I’ve got no money and no way of borrowing any.” He paused and looked longingly at the shining machine. “I tell you, though, what I’m willing to do,” he went on, “I’ll let you take the cow as the first payment.”

That’s what you all are doing – sacrificing the present for the future, sacrificing that which you have for that which you have not yet and may not have ever. The tomorrow never comes. All that comes is today, and you can become addicted to sacrificing the today for the tomorrow. Then you will go on doing the same thing your whole life – always sacrificing the now for something which is not. ”

What a simple story, but it delivers a tight slap to me and the millions who are fast asleep, dreaming of a rosy future in a tomorrow that never comes and letting go of what is here, which is today.

Thank you Master.


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