Different states, different Sarees – flashback

I found this post from 2016 when I was reviewing my draft posts. I don’t know why I never posted it at that time. Interestingly this was the year that I spent being gray before restarting colouring of my hair :).

This is from Chinnalampati, single ikkat, Silk-Cotton
Cotton Maheshwari saree, bought from Handloom House, a gossamer thin fabric thats a dream drape
A jute fibre saree that I bought at a NGO stall that was put up at Aon’s office in Bangalore
Lucknow Chikan … Such amazing work done on the saree ! Bought at SEWA Lucknow and bargaining was done by Krishnan for a change 🙂
This is a silk cotton chanderi bought at Kalpana, Gurgaon.

Maheshwari and Chanderi are from Madhya Pradesh.

The single ikkat from TamilNadu, inspired by the Pochampally weavers.

Lucknowi Chikan from Uttar Pradesh

The jute fibre saree from Karnataka


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