The True Eco-Warriors – Rewarded

We were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Padma awards this year as we knew that there would be several “unknown” greats that the awards will honour. This is one of the truly commendable changes brought about by the Modi Government. Except for a few of the Padma awards going to some celebrity or political bigwig, 90% of the Padma awards go to unsung heroes who are nominated by the people they serve. Its a double honour – getting recognition for their work and from the people they impacted !

Last year we heard of Saalumarada Thimmakka, the 109 year old lady who has planted 8000 trees besides taking care of 385 banyan trees across a stretch of 4 kms. Her smiling face is what I remember every time there is some FB post about “saving the forest” …. this is the way to put things into action. While the world celebrates young “activists” from developed countries as it should, its people like Thimmakka Amma who keep the Earth green, because their don’t leave any carbon footprint at all in their daily lives. They also must be studied and their way of living needs to be showcased as well.

This year too some unknown yet inspirational eco-warriors were rewarded. The four eco-warriors who have been rewarded this year are Trinity Saioo, Himmata Ram Bhambhu, Tulasi Gowda and Popatrao Pawar. I am posting the one page slides that someone has created here. I took them from Twitter.

These eco-warriors and their stories must become a part of the school curriculum so that every generation gets inspired to do something even better. We need every individual to do their bit and something more if we are to keep this Earth going forever. Climate change is a reality, increased plastic use is a reality, indiscriminate “use-and-throw” is a reality … they all need to be replaced with a better reality that is Earth friendly.

#SaveTheEarth #ClimateChange #ReduceReuseRecycle

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