Real Charity Vs Not-so-real Charity

This year one of the Padma Shri awardees is Mr. S Ramakrishnan, who founded the Amar Seva Sangam.

Mr. Ramakrishnan was not born as a disabled person, but due to spinal injuries at the age of 20, he became paralysed neck down. He was trying to join the Indian Navy when he had an accident during the test exercises. He didn’t lose heart, nor did he sit around moping about life, but started Amar Seva Sangam to help rehabilitate other people like him who either were born disabled, differently abled or acquired disability. The Amar Seva Sangam is an amazing organization in the service of the disabled. So far it has touched the lives of nearly 48000+ people with different disabilities and rehabilitated 14000+ differently abled people.

I went through their audited financial statements and found that the salaries form a minuscule percentage of the overall cost. Mr. Ramakrishnan obviously takes no money. A great charity institution indeed !

The reason am giving the above example is because I want to contrast this with a tweet that I had saved many months back … it disturbed me tremendously that in the name of charity, people waste resources.


This is the reality of several well known foundations, unfortunately … the question that you as a donor must ask is “how much of my donation reaches the beneficiary?”. Its important to know that before you donate money to any charitable institution. Don’t be swayed by ex-President’s or celebrities lending their names to some cause. Always ask the basic question of how the money is used before donating.

There is no dearth of good charitable institutions in India as well as across the world. It just needs a little bit of homework to be done before donating, to identify the right institution.

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