Calendars and Quotations

In 1995, we were running a computer centre in Madras (now, Chennai). I had a huge fascination for perpetual calendars with a quotation for everyday and I got one made as a “giveaway”. When the business folded up, I kept some of these perpetual calendars with us and over these 25 years I gave away … Read more Calendars and Quotations


Drama in the skies and on ground !

From 5 pm today the skies have been putting up a performance – rolling thunder, streaking lightning and then rains. Is it signalling the end of winter ? Usually it rains just before Holi but this year it seems to have rained almost ten days in advance. There is a slight chill in the air, … Read more Drama in the skies and on ground !

Biscuit eating Birds !

Our living room balcony always has a tray of water for the birds, whether its summers or winters. The pigeons of course are the main visitors but every now and then we get to see other birds, even sparrows. There is a crow that comes early in the morning and demands a biscuit from us. … Read more Biscuit eating Birds !

Re-imagining Traditional Food

For the past 10 days, we have been trying to improve our intake of uncooked fresh vegetables because we realised that while we do eat healthy, the content of uncooked vegetables is very low in our preparations. I tried re-imagining two of our favourite breakfast items – Sabudana Khichadi and Poha. Sabudana Khichadi as Bhel … Read more Re-imagining Traditional Food

Anti-India Riots in Delhi

A young IB employee is killed in the Delhi riots and his body is dumped in a drain … the autopsy reveals 400 stab wounds. 400 stab wounds – not one, not two, but 400. Let that sink in. His name is Ankit Sharma. There are more bodies being recovered from the same drain. A … Read more Anti-India Riots in Delhi

Why 90 Rolls Royces ?

A couple of days back I was searching for a Hindi audio/video of Osho’s where he talks about the whole game of charity and the responsibilities of the “needy” and the “poor”. While searching for that video, I stumbled across this delightful short interview where Osho says why he has 90 Rolls Royces. Swami Chaitanya … Read more Why 90 Rolls Royces ?

India – the last frontier for the fanatics ….

In the days after the CAA was passed by the parliament, there are three pictures that sent a chill down my spine and they tell a disturbing story of our country at this present juncture. I am no political commentator nor an activist – I am just a regular citizen of India with a deepening … Read more India – the last frontier for the fanatics ….

Narthaki Nataraj – Mind Blowing

We attended two sessions of ARTH, a culture fest at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium today. While I will write about Mr. Owaisi and Dr. Swamy’s session later, am still under the spell cast by Padma Shri Narthaki Nataraj. She enacted Amba turning into Shikhandi and back to Amba on the Kurukshetra battle field and you could … Read more Narthaki Nataraj – Mind Blowing