Justice “hangs”, not Nirbhaya rapists

I read the news item just a few hours back. All of us at home are struggling with varying degrees of cold and cough and taking turns at steam inhalation. For the past few months, we have stopped watching any news channel. We feel they all waste time and don’t share news but opinions and cleverly edited opinions at that, to support their respective political leanings.

Twitter is the major source of news for us as of now. When this news item flashed, my first thought was of Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi. Her name means “hope”, but her hopes keep crashing. A parent never comes to terms with their child dying before them … its not the natural order of things, and in this case, a child being brutally raped before being murdered, is just pure hell. None of us can empathise with Asha Devi and no one would like to be in her shoes. What a nightmare.

She was hoping that tomorrow morning at 6 am – some of her trauma would lessen, as her daughter’s killers and rapists would be hanged, but a Delhi Court snatched that momentary relief away from her. No new date has been given either, so today justice is hanging, while the rapists live another day and another and another …. The juvenile devil who got away because of a technicality has anyway escaped punishment. We can only hope Karma punishes him appropriately, but these four continue to mock our judicial system as long as they live.

Every time we delay justice in rape cases, we encourage rapists. Publicly hang rapists after a speedy trial and you put some fear into people’s minds. The “Nirbhaya justice” boat is unmoored and is floating aimlessly in a sea of apathy – is there no legal luminary who will bring it back to the shore and deliver justice ? All five (including the juvenile devil) should be publicly hanged, their faces unmasked, their shaking legs visible as the noose goes over their head. Is the description repulsive and barbaric enough? How else will you deter a would-be rapist?

Its a sad day today …. https://www.news18.com/news/india/nirbhaya-rape-convicts-wont-be-hanged-tomorrow-as-delhi-court-postpones-execution-warrant-2480777.html.



5 thoughts on “Justice “hangs”, not Nirbhaya rapists”

  1. Don’t you see the natural justice here. They know (i mean the rapists of Nirbaya) pretty well they will be hanged. Waiting for that day, every hour will be a better punishment for these bas….ds is it not!!!


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