Book Review #23/50 – The Bankster

I borrowed this book on Kindle Unlimited nearly two months back but didn’t get around to reading it. I finally picked it up just a couple of days back. This is also the first book out of the several books that Ravi Subramanian has written that I am reading.

Its a fast paced book and the plot takes several unexpected twists and turns. I couldn’t guess the identity of Joseph Braganza and who he turned out to be in the end was totally unexpected ! Personally I relived our walk around the Ringstrasse in Vienna while reading this book as two of the four murders happen in Vienna. Krishnan and I have gone past the Cafe Coffee Day mentioned in the book in Sept 2019 :):).

The story unfolds from three locations – Angola, Kerala, Mumbai. Totally unconnected events happen in these three locations and only towards the end one realises how all of them are connected. Great story telling. The nuclear reactor story seems to be loosely based on the Koodankulam nuclear plant in TamilNadu because exactly similar events unfolded there. The rest of the plot is all built by the author himself and has no connection to any known banking fraud. Some bits and pieces may definitely have happened in reality too but fiction is inspired by real life after all !!

The interactions between the bank co-workers seems a little stilted and dramatised but it could be because there is a lot of Hinglish used. Also the editor needs to work harder on fixing some obvious spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

With all that said, this book is definitely recommended. I have already bought Ravi Subramanian’s next book on Kindle Unlimited.

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