Sweeping up a Dust Cloud !!

For breakfast today Latha took us to Sangeetha’s on G.N.Chetty Road. We enjoyed the food and felt happy after the meal as we also managed to catch up with Latha. Since the restaurant is really close to our Airbnb, we decided to walk both ways. As soon as we got out of the restaurant after having our food, and walked a few metres towards Kannadasan’s statue, there was this municipal corporation worker who was sweeping the side of the road. This is so typical of India ! The corporation workers use these long handle brooms and sweep the side of the roads where there is sand, mud, gravel etc. All that happens is a plume of dust is raised and some plastic, papers and leaves gets collected as garbage. Mind you, its back breaking work.

Now see the picture below – this lady is not really cleaning anything but the dust is unbearable. We all covered our noses with handkerchiefs or our saree pallu’s but the cleaning lady is doing this without any protective mask. There are several vehicles going around and several that are parked … all of them get a coating of dust. Imagine this happening day in and day out. The cleaning folk ingest harmful dust and pedestrians are exposed to the same fine dust !

The garbage in this area has to be “picked” not swept. There is construction debris and the mud and gravel cannot be swept up. Chennai may not have a severe pollution problem yet, but with the increased vehicles and several manufacturing units being setup all around Chennai, it will slowly inch towards the Delhi NCR situation.

Am sure there is a better way to clean our streets and roads without causing harm to oneself and other folk who happen to pass by. Who needs to make these changes ? Please share some thoughts on how to tackle this issue. Its the same thing that happens in Delhi NCR, its the same thing that happens even inside our condominium complex. Atleast every person who sweeps the roads and streets must be given a good quality mask. Maybe get industrial vacuum cleaners or road cleaners from countries like Germany to clean up our roads. This way of sweeping ain’t helping !!

#HealthHazard #DustIsDangerous


2 thoughts on “Sweeping up a Dust Cloud !!”

  1. Agree with you Madam..
    Cleaning personnel and traffic police are exposed to dust to the maximum extent. They should be provided with proper masks.
    Have seen several police personnel and cleaning staff in Mumbai using masks. Hope that is replicated all across India..


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