Drowning in drink …

Today as we were going to Usha’s house from Pallikaranai the cab stopped at a busy junction and as I looked out, my jaw dropped …. there was this fancy, very inviting liquor store with amazing show windows. Why did my jaw drop ? It’s owned by the state government :(:(

Just see the store front … this outlet is purely for foreign liquor. Yesterday while we were on the Kaliamman koil street in Virugambakkam, Dhanush pointed out two shacks and said they were TASMAC stores. The crowds in front of those two stores during lunch time was so high, that I mistook them for inexpensive eateries !

From those days when Chennai was dotted with “tea kadai” and people stopped to have their morning dose of caffeine, it’s now dotted with TASMAC stores and the day starts with a peg of some liquor. Add the freebies that both the Dravidian parties dole out, the incentivised Christian conversion and everyone with an engineering degree that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on – you have a heady cocktail of doom.

TamilNadu is drowning in drink and the state government is getting richer, exceeding their targets for this particular division.

Holy crap ! குடிநீர் பஞ்சம் ஆனால் குடியோ வெள்ளம் 😦


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