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I don’t know if Kendriya Vidyalayas still use the English Grammar and Composition text book by Wren & Martin. For my generation, this was THE text book for English Grammar and Composition. In the last week of December, we started our de-cluttering phase 2 and started with the books. I found my old Wren & Martin from KV Happy Valley. The brown paper cover was still on and my name on a self made sticker was written in the handwriting that I favoured those days ….. not a patch on Geetu’s handwriting though. 🙂

I haven’t obviously touched this book for almost 30+ years. I finally decided to give it away, but took a picture to remember it.

Do share any interesting stories that you may have with Wren & Martin.

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  1. I’m after this copy of Wren & Martins Grammar & Composition which is very comprehensive edition.
    I learnt a lot from this book as a student in late 1960s and would like to refresh my knowledge.
    I’ll pay all your costs.


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