Environmental Hypocrites Abound..

We have a school right behind our condominium complex and almost the entire month of December we couldn’t take a nap in the afternoon or even do a phone call easily from 8 am onwards till about 3 pm. The school had its annual day or sports day and the practise sessions were happening outside in the grounds with loud speakers being used at their full volume !

Many residents complained but nothing changed … they went on practising, noise pollution be damned. Many parents live in our condominium so probably they felt we were wrong to complain because it was “children” and a “school” so it was ok to put up with some noise. The same children and school go about campaigning against Diwali crackers because it will increase the atmospheric pollution and the noise scares the dogs. Please note – all dog owners care about dogs but not about other “animals” that also exist on Earth. Thats hypocrisy of another level, but its not fashionable to mention it.

The Ridge Valley School having their annual day or sports day and speakers are blasting away on full volume !

What are we teaching our children ? That its ok to disturb everybody and make noise so long as its your school’s function/event. We are teaching our children to be hypocrites and we have done a good job of it. On New Year’s eve, crackers were burst at the stroke of midnight for nearly half hour…. How is that adding life-giving oxygen to the atmosphere ? But not one single squeak from any of the “activists” about this celebration. Hypocrites ? You bet.

Came over WhatsApp. Source unknown

The last statement makes me think that its an Indian who has written this. Truly, who are we deceiving here? Our children are growing up, rootless and without any sense of pride in their culture or heritage and all the festivals that are opportunities to teach our children about our traditions and culture are dissed or made to look as damaging the environment while all things Western are considered “good”. If this isn’t hypocrisy, what is?

I didn’t hear “Ms.How-Dare-You-Thunberg” speaking about how the Australian Bushfires that are raging on for days have already consumed half a billion animals, 16 million acres and destroyed 2500 buildings is affecting the “world climate” till two days back. I don’t hear any activist or otherwise talk about the gallons of oil that gets released into the Indian Ocean daily because of the “Ship-breaking” yards in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Why doesn’t Sweden take the responsibility to break ships in a ecologically sustainable way since they have run out of garbage to recycle ?

Today in the morning, some of my batchmates got together for coffee with folks from ISB at Westin, Gurgaon. When one of us asked for water, the server brought tiny cute 100 ml plastic bottles of water !!! I almost lost it totally but managed to ask him to bring clean drinking water in a jug and pour it into our glasses, in a civil tone. While he did it immediately, the shelves of his serving station were filled with these cute 100 ml plastic bottles and his colleague brought them out again when someone else asked for water. Do you see the hypocrisy here? We go around applauding little Ms. Thunberg for just saying “how dare you?” and crying while we conveniently forget our traditional way of eating on leaf plates or reusable stainless steel plates, using our hands and water being drunk from jugs/Matkas/Copper vessels in steel cups. The following pic shows our glorious hypocrisy –

Thimakka Amma has not left any carbon footprint till date and has actually added to the green cover while several privileged young girls across the world like Ms. Thunberg will eat out of plastic bags/containers and then become famous as environmental activists if they shout at some politicians in some forum. I applaud her efforts and don’t want to just take off on the young girl, but she needs to be educated about living sustainably every single day.

Our traditional Indian way of living and eating is truly sustainable, but the hypocrites we are, we applaud Western  activists, while we continue to pollute the environment by aping the West which has no clue about sustainable living. Toilet paper to plastic cutlery to eating meat to stuffing themselves with sugary food to just the crazy “consumption” … nothing that helps the Earth, but all that we adopt with glee (wish it was with “ghee”).

I may be totally wrong, but I feel the increasing incidents of cancer are also due to the pesticides in fruits and vegetables, processed food being stored in plastic containers and all kinds of toxins entering our bodies through toothpastes, hair dyes, shampoos, soaps, toilet cleaners etc and our moving away from our traditional every day food that contained a lot of herbs and nutrients that help combat many illnesses. Ayurveda treats food as medicine, but today food is the killer…. That’s food for thought and the subject of another blog.

Lets stop being environmental hypocrites and get our act together before its too late !

#GoOrganic #NoToNoisePollution #GoVegetarian #Reuse

2 thoughts on “Environmental Hypocrites Abound..”

  1. Dear Malu, don’t you realize the water given to you in a jug was stored in a plastic container for months, may be. ??? What an irony??? There is a saying in Tamil: “Thirudarai parthu thirunda vittal
    Thirittai ozikka mudiyadhu” – very famous words of Kannadasan

    • Koka, in all the restaurants and 5 star hotels there is RO water system. They don’t store the water in a plastic container. But all these hotels end up giving out smaller plastic bottles because customers believe that its cleaner water and it makes the job easier for the servers!! That needs to change and it won’t till customers insist on drinking water to be served in a jug and not in a plastic bottle. Glad to see you sharing a Tamil quote :):)


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