Turmeric Latte, Anyone ?

In 2018 when I had a bout of cough, my school friend Javed told me to drink milk with turmeric and poppy seeds (Khus Khus or Kasa Kasa) at night. I drank it for a couple of days and then forgot all about it because I don’t like hot milk at all.

Then in Sept 2019, during our day trip to LjubLjana (Slovenia) from Croatia, we had an ice cream at this cute Gelateria called “Romantika”. We took our ice cream and sat outside enjoying the awesome weather. Thats when I noticed this signboard which said “Kurkurma/Golden Latte”.

Kurkurma Latte

Guess what, our European friends have discovered the benefits of Turmeric !! Expect to see Turmeric Latte on Cafe Coffee Day’s menu or Starbucks menu or even the roadside chaiwallah’s menu soon because now the “gora” saheb has said its good for health :):). Sorry, can’t get over our slavery to the white skin and the colonial hangover just doesn’t die down.

Anyway, this winter in Delhi has been really harsh, especially the ten days starting the 22nd of Dec till the end of the year. With all of us struggling with varying degrees of cough and cold, I remembered Javed’s “desi nuska” of having hot milk with turmeric and poppy seeds every night. Thankfully, my mother has also agreed to drinking this because she doesn’t like milk and she certainly doesn’t like poppy seeds – don’t ask me why. I think because this Turmeric-Khus-Khus Latte helps her to sleep without coughing, she is ok with it.

The Desi Turmeric-Khus-Khus Latte

We have been drinking the Desi Turmeric Latte every night, about 100 ml and it certainly has helped with the quality of sleep and am sure the Turmeric has warded off several disease causing germs ! The turmeric I use is totally organic and is not store bought. Luckily our tenants in Hyderabad, get it for us every year from their farm. I just don’t know a reliable source of good Desi Cow’s milk, so we are using Mother Dairy’s milk. I don’t think Mother Dairy’s Cow milk or Amul’s cow milk is the real deal because its much thicker than cow’s milk and the cream isn’t light yellow at all. Just hoping that the regular milk isn’t from some imported cow but there is no way to confirm that.

Do enjoy this Turmeric-Khus-Khus Latte atleast during winters. It helps in sleeping better and poppy seeds have a lot of nutrients as well like Manganese and Zinc.

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