Be Merry and Responsible this Christmas !

A couple of days back we had gone for a meeting to an office. As soon as we entered we found this plastic Christmas tree with decorations hanging off it and a small slogan board on top of it – also in plastic saying “say no to plastic”. There was one below that, also in plastic saying “Save Water, every drop counts”.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and decided to just feel sad !

Last year Dec was a good month health wise for us unlike this Dec. It was less colder and we were able to go out for our regular walks. One of the walks took us to Galleria market, right next door to where we live. We actually never went to the fountain in the centre because we had to just visit the post office on one side of the market. While walking back, I happened to glance towards the fountain and saw this massive plastic Christmas tree. I clicked a picture but never wrote the blog as I planned to then. I fished out the picture and here it is –

We just don’t see the connection between our slogans and our actions ! All those screaming at the top of their voices about plastic usage and growing landfills are the same people who buy a plastic Christmas tree every year even if they are not Christians :). Hey, feel free to celebrate any festival but don’t increase your plastic foot print. Exactly the same thing happens with animal activists. They will cry hoarse about “jallikattu” or about Shark Fin Soup but forget all about it as they gorge on Mutton Biryani and KFC Chicken wings made from “machine-shredded” cute live chickens.

“You” have to be responsible, not the “other”.

Now to the great activists who were all worried about trees being cut in Delhi and then more recently for the Aarey Metro shed …. There were 2000 trees that were cut and some 600 that were not cut. The following screenshot is from “The Wall Street Journal” which says 15,094,678 trees were cut in 2017 in the US alone. Yep, the argument that these are Christmas trees and they are grown only to be cut, is not acceptable as the article also talks of how expensive it is to keep doing this and because the US has no concept of “mulching” most of these trees simply get discarded. They are bio-degradable but its hugely expensive in returning them to the Earth. Besides, most people still buy plastic made-in-China Christmas trees because they are less expensive !!!! These plastic Christmas trees are one-time use – atleast use them for a few years and not buy a new one every year. That reduces the plastic foot print and the Earth will thank you for it.

Have a “Merry” Christmas, celebrate responsibly and without leaving any carbon footprint. These lovely plastic Christmas trees will go to one of the growing garbage mountains around you and lie there forever, never to decompose, contribute to making arable land a desert, choke animals/babies who inadvertently swallow the tiny plastic pine needles and forever accrue bad Karma for you !

Make Christmas truly meaningful, with prayers, good food and time with your families (without phones) rather than spending money on plastic Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year.

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