Day 28, Part 2 – Riding the oldest Electric metro in Europe

Sept 28, 2019 – Budapest, Hungary

After a walking tour around Heroes Square, we bought a 24 hour ticket on the metro from the vending machine on the opposite side of the Heroes Square and returned to our Airbnb for lunch. Post lunch, we got into the M1 metro to reach the station called Deak Ferenc Ter.

The M1 (Millennium Metro Underground) was inaugurated on May 2, 1896 and is the oldest underground metro using electric traction. The London underground predates the M1 by six years but it used steam locomotives and shifted to electric traction only in 1906. The M1 is a tiny metro with just a few coaches in bright yellow.

The Hosok Tere (Heroes Square) station where we got into the M1.
That’s me inside the M1 -that smile is of course all dad :):). PC – Krishnan

We got off at the Deak Ferenc Ter station and tried walking towards St. Stephens Basilica using google maps. As soon as we got out of the metro station, we found ourselves in a square which had many eateries and a tourist kiosk. We went to our left and reached a sort of traffic junction and while waiting to cross the road we saw stunning buildings all across.

What a stunning building and view this is !!! The picture is taken from the Deak Ferenc Ter square.
This is the left side view – right at the end we can see a giant Ferris wheel and beyond that is the Funicular to go to the Buda Castle.
The Funicular at the end of the road – it takes you to the Buda Castle across the river.

We crossed the traffic signal and walked past a few stunning buildings and managed to find the St. Stephens basilica. Its a grand basilica and many tourists were waiting to go inside. We just soaked it all in standing in the square in front of the basilica.

St. Stephens Basilica

As we stood seeing the beautiful basilica we were approached by a young Hungarian girl who worked with ISKCON for donations. We were surprised because this was the first time ever that someone from ISKCON had asked us for donations. We did donate because after all its for Krishna :). From the St. Stephens square we walked towards the Danube river through a busy street named Zrinyi utica.

We found the Fat Policeman bronze sculpture as soon as we entered Zrinyi Utca.

The Fat Policeman – a bronze sculpture !

Right next to the Costa Coffee shop, we found the Budapest Bakery & Cafe a very inviting place indeed. We ordered a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese and both were just outstanding ! The Zrinyi utca is full of restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops and it has streets perpendicular to it that connect to the main road leading to the Funicular ! We came across a beautiful building called “Danube Palace” – a former casino and the Central European university building as well.

As we crossed over a small park and a main road on the other end of Zrinyi Utca, we saw this massive chain bridge that connected “Buda” to “Pest” :).

The chain bridge across the River Danube
Stunning buildings of “Buda” – the Matthias Church spire is visible and the building next to it is the Hilton Hotel. 
There are Danube Cruises and one such is seen in this pic

We plan to walk across to the Buda side tomorrow and also the Andrassy Avenue. For today, we are done and before returning to our Airbnb we had a milkshake each at the famous milk bar, Cserpes Tejivo near the Deak Ferenc Ter square. Quite delicious !

The yellow coloured coaches of the M1
The M1 metro

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