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A couple of days back I ordered donuts from Krispy Kreme. I was eating donuts after nearly two or three years. Krishnan and I enjoyed our respective first donuts but the second one was just not fun. We decided right away never to order donuts again :). The problem with restaurant food is that its never fresh … unless its the road side eatery that makes the food in front of you and serves it immediately. After being introduced to OPOS (One Pot One Shot) by Nisha in 2016, its almost impossible to enjoy food that is not fresh.

To compensate for the donuts I made OPOS Kurma and Appam using the batter that Amma had already made.

The color of the vegetables and the fresh taste of the kurma is just outstanding !

For the Appam, Amma uses “boiled” rice and then once the batter is finely ground, we add about 100 ml of cooked rice made into a paste or take about 50 ml of the batter add equal quantity of water, cook that mixture to a paste and add it to the batter. I also add about 200 ml of coconut milk. The batter has to ferment. Incase you want to make the Appams immediately, then add a teaspoon of Eno salt and make the Appams.

For me this is comfort food – I can eat Appam-Stew or Appam-Kurma or just Appams everyday.

Also while watching Masterchef Australia, I see the contestants struggling to make vegetarian dishes. India has such a huge variety in vegetarian dishes !! Indian cuisine unfortunately hasn’t got its due in the world just like all other things “Indian”. Our food is medicinal, seasonal and always fresh …. when I see kids lining up at McDonalds its truly sad. I also enjoy pizzas and burgers and sandwiches for a change but can’t eat that every single day. Its called “junk” food for a reason – its not nutritious at all.

I think schools must teach “cooking” as a life skill and everyone must know how to make a fresh meal for themselves. The excuse of not having time to cook is just that – an excuse. If its cooking for one person, it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to pull together a piping hot khichadi or pongal or daal-chawal/roti. If its a family then everyone must help and it takes just that much time. A little bit of planning helps as well. Getting your househelp to cut vegetables for the week or the next couple of days, make large batches of daal for a week and freezing it etc. Have been meaning to write about “batch” processing for the kitchen inventory :). Next blog.

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