Yet another one …. and another … and another…Part II

Yesterday we woke up to the news that the four animals who had raped and murdered the young veterinary doctor in Hyderabad had been shot dead by police. …. “How convenient”, was my first reaction. For a moment assume that the four animals were the sons of Chief Ministers of different states. Now try reading the headlines again “Four rapists, sons of powerful Chief Ministers killed in an encounter”. Its difficult to even read that headline. Why ? Because the police will not dare to do an encounter with any of the above mentioned folks.

Everything stinks about the encounter theory – these four were yet to be convicted, are they the same four who were arrested and why weren’t they handcuffed ? It almost seems as though the police wanted them to run/break free so that they could shoot them. Now that they have been shot dead, the case is conveniently shut, people have distributed sweets even before the victim’s 10th and 13th day ceremony are over and life is forcibly normalised again.

The title I chose when the gruesome rape and murder happened was “Yet another one …. and another … and another…” and for today’s blog I have used the same title with “Part II” added because its one contiguous blog. The rape and murder of the young veterinary doctor at Hyderabad is far from over and very far from being solved …. but the case is closed. This is precisely why sexual predators will continue and rapes will continue to happen. The real culprits will get away if they are powerful, have connections and are wealthy.

A few articles and excerpts to jog our short term memories –

The above excerpt is from this article – Top Bollywood celebrities accused of sexual offences.

The list is endless, Alok Nath, Subhash Ghai, Aditya Pancholi, Nana Patekar, and many others, including some of the “khans” and of course the all powerful Father Mulakkal. From Bollywood, we have also conveniently forgotten the original pack of Khans – Feroze and Sanjay Khan, plus Zeenat’s first husband Mazhar Khan. Zeenat Aman was treated like a rag by Sanjay Khan and if Filmfare of those times were to be believed then Sanjay Khan should be behind bars or shot in an encounter !! Mazhar Khan beat her up and no one said or did anything. When the #MeToo movement broke out in India last year, it pulled down important names like M J Akbar who fortunately has stayed down since then, but there are others who have gotten away scot free. Tamil Cinema is unfortunately in the grip of Christian conversion and sexual predators … the famous lyricist Vairamuthu was accused by the well known singer Chinmayee for being a sexual predator. The result is that Chinamayee’s chances have dwindled while Vairamuthu gets to share the dias with Rajinikanth and Kamal Hasan and he continues to write songs for movies. There was no investigation even as far as I remember !!!!! Why would Rajinikanth even shake hands with this man ? And why does a powerful man like A.R.Rahman continue to set the tune to this vile poet’s lines ? Why not refuse to work with Vairamuthu till he is proven innocent by a court of law, like a Sonu Nigam who had the gumption and refused to sing a song that had suggestive lyrics.

There was this incident with Dhansika, the female actor who worked in Rajinikanth’s movie “Kabali”. She was on stage with T. Rajendar for an upcoming movie and forgot to thank T. Rajendar. He took off on her in public and called her names while her co-stars, the media people and the audience watched in silence and some even laughed :(:(. Not one “man” had the balls to defend Dhansika even after she broke down under the onslaught. Those who understand Tamil can watch the clip at T. Rajendar, Dhansika on stage and others can read the article – This vile man T. Rajendar has the gall to speak this way to a young girl because he knows he would get away scot free ! There is hope though because a couple of days back, Krishnan and I were in the metro and one man was using the worst of profanities while speaking to someone on the phone and a fellow passenger stood up and told him sternly to watch his language. He asked him to shut up as there were ladies and small children in the coach. Some people do speak up and that’s why there is hope.

My whole point is – bumping off these four people who are allegedly the culprits in the rape and murder case of the Hyderabad Vet doctor will not solve the problem. Some solutions are as follows –

  1. No encounter killing for those who are charged with sexual offences – they have to be tried by a fast track court and publicly castrated and jailed for life. Death by a bullet is too easy a death for the perpetrator.
  2. Prominent women from the film world and the business world should step forward and help other women who are victims of sexual harassment or rape. I remember Ms. Kiran Majumdar Shaw resigning from TERI’s board when Pachauri’s case of sexual harassment came up. Thats what DOESN’T work. I would have liked her to stay on the board and ensure the lady who raised the issue got justice.
  3. I watched a program where Khushboo, Gautami and Tapsee Pannu tried to convince the audience that no one had ever groped them …. Do read my blog then – Hypocrisy and Outrage – strange bedfellows. This kind of hypocrisy sets back the struggle of many other women and emboldens the predators. Speak up.
  4. Any politician with a proven sexual harassment charge against him/her should lose his MP/MLA status and all the benefits must be stopped. Infact do the same to any politician with more than one wife and more than two children. The following tweets were outrageous and the politician mentioned is too powerful  :(.

    And this is the “respected” ex-FM of our country 🙁
  5. Any lawyer/policeman/judge convicted of sexual offences must lose his job and benefits instantly.

Till the high and mighty fall and everyone is truly held accountable, these encounters will continue to happen and people will applaud for that day and the next while forgetting the fact that the real culprits may well be distributing sweets alongside them :(. These are faceless, nameless people and no one cares what happens to them. That’s why the encounter and why it won’t work.

Hoping that we don’t have any more “encounters” but a proper quick disposal of rape cases so that offenders can be punished harshly.


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