Book Review #20/50 – Letters of a Bloodline

How do you review a son-in-law’s first book ? By forgetting that you are related to him :). So Jay, this is the review as a reader, not as your “difficult” mom-in-law. Just a bit of a background – Jay Puranik, the author is married to my best friend Geetu’s daughter Gayatri and at the time of their wedding I told him – Geetu is the nice mom-in-law and am the difficult one ! Gayatri is also a fellow Arian so automatically there is a greater bond between us. We may not be related by blood but our friendship is thicker than blood relations !!!

When Geetu and Harish posted about this book that Jay had written on our school WhatsApp group and individually to me, I looked for the Kindle version and bought it. While I checked with Jay about when the paperback was expected, I have shifted my reading nearly 100% to Kindle.

This is a prequel to a series and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful writing – Jay has great command over the language and is able to get the reader hooked immediately. After many years I have read a book by an Indian author that I wasn’t mentally editing and getting irritated with the wrong grammar or spelling mistakes. The flow is great, the characters stay in your head (Roughbeard, Carlos the carpenter, Snake Eyes), the plot interesting (unknown treasure, gold, letters from ancestors) and there is enough curiosity generated to make you wait for the next book. Way to go, Jay.

Would definitely recommend it. Am not writing about the story since its a work of fiction and it takes just a few hours to read as its a short prequel. Do read it.

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