Yet another one …. and another … and another…

She got raped, killed, allegedly raped again and then burnt … but a minister says, she should have called the police instead of her sister as she was educated ! The people of Hyderabad tried to get hold of the perpetrators as they were “safely” taken by the police to judicial custody. Some trial will be held and some may get punished while some may get away till it happens again. In the next few days, all the candle marches will burn out and the petitions will die out… and then someone will commit a brutal rape again. The whole cycle will repeat itself. I am not a pessimist – just a realist because NO ONE TRULY CARES.

Remember Nirbhaya ? It happened in 2012 and this is the current status as per Wikipedia.

The then juvenile is out after 3 years in a correction home … free and got gifted a sewing machine too. I remember that this “juvenile” was the harshest and the most brutal to Nirbhaya. Now he is out working somewhere and I wouldn’t be surprised if he rapes again. He got away scot free the first time around, didn’t he?

Krishnan heard on some nauseating TV channel that one of Priyanka’s rapists is a juvenile too and his father apparently said he will be let off since he is underage. Well, thank goodness and the much vilified Modi government for atleast getting the Juvenile Justice Amendment bill through. This “juvenile” hopefully isn’t let off with a sewing machine.

I missed my first reunion with the Pgpmax gang yesterday because I was totally under the weather with fever, cold and cough…. I guess my anger at what happened to Priyanka got added to the fever. Hyderabad is my second home and according to me amongst the safest cities in India and for this to happen there is unbelievable and shocking. It wasn’t too late either, 8.30 pm at night is not too late at all, but nothing matters now as this young girl is gone and such a brutal ending to a young life.

We can continue to write heartfelt obits and scream at the top of our voices every time something like this happens or we can take some steps to fix the issue. Here are some of my suggestions –

  1. There are 12000 sexual assault cases pending because we don’t have enough forensic labs. Why is it so difficult to get enough forensic labs setup ? or can we get help from some other country in the short term who have many more forensic labs for e.g USA has 400 crime labs .. or are there private forensic labs that can be authorised to deal with sexual assault evidence ? Read HT’s article here –
  2. A small percentage of the pending cases are false. Some women have unfortunately used the draconian rape law changes post Nirbhaya to put totally innocent men behind bars. While we get totally agitated about the young girl’s case in Hyderabad and rightfully so, lets not forget about Swaroop, an employee of Genpact who committed suicide after being accused of Sexual harassment in 2018. There are many innocent men who simply get framed :(.
  3. No country in the world has figured out a great set of rape/sexual assault laws that act as a deterrent. In my humble opinion, speed of confirming the perpetrator, publicly castrating him and never letting him out of jail is the best way to stop these rapes. Capital punishment is too quick and easy and the longer the case drags the perp is kept alive – well fed and taken care of in a jail.
  4. If a woman makes a false claim and it is proven – she should spend a minimum of 20 years in jail for having spoilt a man’s life with her accusation.
  5. Rape cases have to be a priority – to be closed within 90 days either way. Any longer and it won’t work. It will just be another Wikipedia article that gets updated every time there is a hearing.
  6. Change the rule as it has been done for accidents – if a girl is reported missing in any police station, make it mandatory for that police station to take action whether it is under their jurisdiction or not. They can always call the correct police station and get things moving. In Priyanka’s case they lost precious time just getting her father to move from one police station to the next. Why not have a camera recording the police station’s front desk? Stops policemen from talking about jurisdiction !!
  7. When the perpetrators are caught and upon confirmation – parade them naked. Why cover their faces?
  8. When Salman Khan JOKED about how he walked like a woman who had been raped after a particularly difficult shoot, the audience clapped and laughed …. as long as you continue clapping and laughing don’t light a candle for Nirbhaya or Priyanka. Just pray that your daughter is safe.
  9. When colleagues and bosses pass sexist jokes or body shame …. call it out. All these things add up in wrong men thinking they can get away with anything.
  10. Stop dissing “all men” – the world is where it is today because there are enough decent men out there. Many of us are married to and have given birth to good men who are as outraged as you and I about what’s happened to Priyanka. Generalisations don’t help.

More than all of the above – boys need to be brought up by their mothers differently. PM Modi mentioned it in his first Red Fort address, why don’t you ask boys where they had been and what they were upto if they come home late. Start now.

Priyanka, Om Shanti.. you are beyond any pain and anguish. I don’t know if we will get you justice quickly enough, but someday it will happen. It has to.

5 thoughts on “Yet another one …. and another … and another…”

  1. Bindu,

    I am as angry as you are on hearing about such rape cases. I am anguished about the snail pace our judicial system works.

    I remember an Army case, way back in 1996, when a Soldier sexually assaulted a brother soldier’s wife. I recorded the Summary of Evidence. It was proved beyond doubt that he was guilty. Things moved so swiftly, that the said soldier was punished in a record time with a dismissal from service. If this can happen in Armed Forces, I don’t see why the rape cases cannot be settled within 3 months as suggested by you. Our judicial, political & electoral system needs a revamp and must take up at least the following issues on a top priority basis .

    a) Hereafter, no politician should be allowed to contest in any election, till he is absolutely cleared of his charges against him. Some of them have rape/ murder charges. Unlike presently, the onus of clearing the charges , should be on the individuals and not on courts. With the money power they wield and ever obliging judicial system the cases drag on for ages and eventually forgotten. Courts must stop going on Summer / winter vacations till all cases pending in their courts are resolved. Fast paced courts must be appointed as one time solution to clear all cases pending as on date.

    b) All pending court cases on rape as on date, must be given a maximum of six months to be resolved The judges must be made accountable, if they delay the cases by postponing hearing. CJI must review such delays and take disciplinary action against the said Judge. The system must be transparent enough and should be in public domain.

    I don’t understand this bullshit about juvenile rapists getting relief through reform school etc, in rape cases. if a person thinks of sexual assault on an innocent victim, he is no more a juvenile and is aged enough to be treated at par with others as far as this crime is concerned.

    I know nothing will happen because our politicians will not let it happen however much we all crib . Under such circumstances , I think there is nothing wrong, if the public take charge and deal with the offenders themselves. Make some specimen cases of the rapists in few cities. Make a permanent tattoo on the forehead of the rapist saying ” I am a rapist ” or in public crush his genitals with a Sledge Hammer. The fear of getting one’s B…s crushed in this manner will at least deter some of the future rapists. Human rights activists can go to hell.


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