Poison we eat and Poison we breathe :(

Yesterday I had ordered bananas (Robusta) from Milk Basket. As soon as I peeled the first one I saw it was spoilt and rotten. From the outside the peel was even, not even yellow in colour but rotten inside.

The only explanation is the use of artificial ripeners that make the fruit tasteless and rotten from inside.

I have almost stopped buying fruits from regular fruit stalls or even from Safal outlets. I buy fruits only from Farmeruncle.com or from EatRightBasket. Have never had these issues with any fruit purchased from them.

It’s crazy to call human beings as “intelligent” beings … we mess with nature, use harmful chemicals to increase production and end up poisoning ourselves and then spend the hard earned money on hospitals and doctors ! The whole RO water epidemic is exactly the same – first they aggressively pushed RO water as the best solution and when some poor unsuspecting soul figured out that the RO process turns water acidic besides wasting twice the amount that is purified, they are now selling Ionizers that make the RO water alkaline again !! :(:(:(

Krishnan and I hate cigarette smoke and today the air we breathe in Delhi NCR is like smoking 40 cigarettes ….

When will this situation get better ? And am wondering what I can do besides advocacy to rectify this situation. Very upset.

#RightToBreathe #RightToOrganic

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