A letter from Dad ..

Dear Appa,

Yesterday while cleaning one of the drawers at home, I found a postcard from you … This was a letter you wrote me in 1989. You were posted in Vizag and I was in Hyderabad completing my degree from Wesley college. Amma was planning to come to Hyderabad on the 14th of Aug as my exams were done and I was packing up to come to Vizag.

It brought back so many memories … your distinct style of writing “safe” on the top left corner, the “pillayar suzhi” in the middle. Appa, today the “@” symbol is used for email addresses but 30 years back you used it as an abbreviation for “about”. Your penchant for fixing all electrical stuff ! You couldn’t solder a wire that was loose in the TV and you weren’t getting a mechanic who could come home and fix it.

Appa, coincidentally Amma has slight cough due to all the pollution in Delhi and you mention in the letter that Amma and you were unwell due to the change in weather conditions. You have asked me to enquire about Chellamma’s health – Amma did enquire in September this year when she was in Hyderabad :):). From all the people mentioned in the letter two are not around anymore …. you and Alamelu. Rohini and Athimber were at home a couple of weeks back and we were talking about you and Alamelu. We were remembering all the “van” trips you took, the different types of food you would try and make and about how Rohini was surprised with Amma’s refusal to use the mixie then. Such special memories of your posting in Sulur.

Why did you write my name as Bindumalini Vedam ? I noticed it just now, I don’t think I registered it then.

Appa, just a year after you posted this letter – we all were on our way to Chennai for my wedding. So many things happened in that one year … I joined NIIT Vizag, came to Delhi for the first time for the faculty training, learnt to ride the moped and of course most importantly¬†met Krishnan.

And 19 years after you wrote this letter, you decided to leave this life by having that cerebral haemorrhage on Aug 4th, never to speak again and never to write another letter in this lifetime. You are so missed Appa. Every day when I make something in the OPOS way, I think of you because you would have loved the method. Every time we do road trips for ShikshaDaan, you are missed because you would have enjoyed them the most. While we can sense your spirit, your physical presence is sorely missed.

I don’t think they have post cards anymore .. atleast not these types and definitely not for 15 paise. We also have something called WhatsApp that lets you chat with another person instantly through mobile phones and we have managed to get Amma hooked to it :):):). She keeps getting pictures of Gods/Goddesses, jokes and other videos over it and is busy enjoying them.

Thanks for the post card Nanagaru… brought back very special memories.

With lots of love


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